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Unhealthy Obsession by Ebony's Bad Luck <<<<(my pen name)

Unhealthy Obsession
You're an unhealthy obsession
This is my confession
If I have learned a lesson
it's that you're my unhealthy obsession

All day I sit around and think
of what might have been
I know you haven't replied since then
I try to learn my lesson
But you're my unhealthy obsession

Look up, look down, at the four walls
of my detention
I stare at my unhealthy picture collection
Will you still be my unhealthy obsession?

I know I might have severed
the connection
I should've known my bad luck's complextion
You're not in my unhealthy possesion
You'll always be my unhealthy obsession

When will this lessen?
Why can't I make this disappear at my discretion?
When will this be the end of the session?
When can I KILL this unhealthy obsession....?
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