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Infatuation by Ebony's Bad Luck

The feeling of emptiness
mixed with the feeling of blind love
torment, unsureness, walking a
road of a thick mist
You never know what will happen.

You hang your heart
on the drying line
from your previous "love".
All of the sudden
the words are spoken softly in your ear
by someone, who is not someone,
but is yourself
"Look, there's your other half."

Obsession, depression,
trying to talk in words that are cryptic to the other person
You try desperately to seperate yourself from the other.
You try so deeply so that you don't
be possessive.
Nothing here is something.

You take your heart from the drying line,
and you put in on your sleeve.
You wear your heart on your sleeve.
"This person is for me. This person is for me... this person is for me... this person is fo---"
when all of the sudden, your heart falls off
the sleeve
You feel like burying yourself in the deep.
Your mind clicks and says:
"He was never for you. He was never for you. He was never for you."

After this... nothing is well.
Your best friend is music and poetry.
You think:
"How could this person be for me? How could i think that this person be for me?"
But you did.
And you probably still do.
Move on.
It's the only way to know whether a person is for you or not.

"he was never for you....
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